Japan Cupid Review – Can You Find a Japanese Girlfriend On Japan Cupid?

 Are you sick and tired of going out to the bars and clubs looking for love and coming home disappointed and depressed?  Then, perhaps, internet dating is for you.  Japanese women are gorgeous, exotic and intelligent.  What more can a man ask for?  If you are looking for a lover with whom you can really connect then JapanCupid.com may be the answer you have been looking for.


JapanCupid.com is a member of a well-respected and well-known family of dating sites ? The Cupid Media Network.    It is a user-friendly and well-maintained site.  You can be assured that your information is safe and secure with this site.  The greatest part is that it is free to start out with a standard membership which grants you the ability to start meeting new people immediately and without paying a cent.


Free Standard Membership

Mobile app allows you to access the site from your phone

Thousands of members


super hot japanese womanThis site is an easy way to meet a Japanese woman that meets the criteria that you are looking for.  You can browse profiles and find a lady who is both physically attractive and has a personality and values that you find attractive.

But be aware that if you join JapanCupid you will only be able to browse profiles of women from Japan – if you are looking for women from other parts of Asia you will probably be better off joining one of the many other sites that offer Asian women for marriage from all parts of Asia.

A free standard membership allows you to try out the site with zero risk.  If you decide to upgrade then you can do so easily but there is no obligation.

You do not have to enter credit card or any other important identifying information until and if you decide you would like to.  Internet dating, in general, is on the rise and it is easy to understand why.

Traditional dating is exhausting, sometimes disappointing and often expensive.  Why bother kissing (and possibly buying dinner for) so many frogs?  Just log on to a website and find someone you are excited to get to know.  You don?t have to be looking for marriage or even a girlfriend.  You may just want a friend or a pen pal and that is fine too.

Flirting, chatting and getting to know multiple women at once is easy and, because you are not ?officially? dating, you do not have to feel guilty about getting to know more than one single at a time.  If you know you are interested in a specific culture, physical look or type of lady then getting online (or logging onto the Smartphone app) is the way to go.  Since you do not have to pay, you really have nothing to lose.


Internet dating, in general, has some downsides.  You can get to know someone and then be disappointed when it is difficult or impossible to meet in person.  Arranging to meet may become expensive, as well.  Also, you must be very careful with your identifying information such as your phone number, address or credit card information.  You should never give anyone your information until you are sure of with whom you are speaking and you are comfortable in the relationship.

Another con to dating a Japanese woman (if you are not a Japanese man, of course) can be cultural differences which can lead to conflict.  You must never assume that they feel or think the same way about important issues because they have been raised to believe and think things that are quite possibly very different than your experiences.  For instance, your views on marriage, career or childbearing may be very different because of your different and unique cultures.

The most important thing is to inform yourself about whom you are chatting with and getting to know.  No one wants to fall in love only to learn that their expectations, beliefs or views will make it impossible to maintain a healthy and happy relationship long-term.  Maturity, caution and common sense are key when meeting and dating new people online.


All in all, if you are mature and responsible you have nothing to lose by joining this site and giving it a shot.  It is certainly great to know what you want and be ready to go out and get it.  If you are interested in Japanese women for either their physical appearance or their intelligence and reputations for being such wonderful girlfriends, wives, partners and mothers you should never feel badly to be specific about meeting one.

If you live in an area of the world or a neighborhood where there are not many Japanese ladies to meet then internet dating is the way to go.  JapanCupid.com has downsides but no more (and probably less) than any other dating site.  You are not going to run into lots of ?dead? or outdated profiles.  If you contact someone they will more than likely respond.  PLUS:  It?s free to give it a try.  What have you got to lose, really?  Give it a shot.  A lovely Japanese single may be waiting for you.