Here’s Why You Should Date a Japanese Woman

Japanese women are some of the cutest, quirkiest, outgoing, and beautiful women you’ll ever meet in your life. They know how to have a good time, are very personable, and enjoy meeting new people.

If it’s your first visit to Japan or abroad anywhere in Asia, it’s important to recognize the value of learning and understanding a culture, not just for its women and food, but also the language that’s spoken, and why people’s personality are the way they are.

For example, in Japan, there’s a huge love and infatuation with Anime, comics, and the likes. So, if you’re a fan as well, or not, just be prepared for this, and accept that even as adult’s Japanese women enjoy cute little cartoon characters and anime, whether it’s a purse, stickers, or even television shows and movies.

Typically, Japanese women will not speak English fluently if you’re not in a major city, as education can be quite expensive, or is simply not taught in some schools. So, you might meet a lot of Japanese women that speak basic or more English simply from watching television shows, music, and movies – so it’s important to be patient.

Speaking of patience, if you’re really looking to be successful in your dating adventures with Japanese women, it’s worth taking the time to study some basic Japanese, a few words at the least, and try to familiarize yourself with a few Japanese expressions.

cute Japanese babe

This will not only help you get around, but, also impress your date and show her that you genuinely have an interest in her culture. It will also allow you to express care, be more romantic, and show her affection as your relationship (or date) develops.

Unlike a lot of western countries and culture Japanese women are by no means against sharing the bill, or “going Dutch”. This might come as a surprise to a lot of men, and while it’s a nice gesture (and they likely can afford it), it’s still always considerate to treat your date or girlfriend sometimes.

More importantly, it will go a long way if you get to know your Japanese woman, and even for a little money, purchase her a gift that’s really personal and something you know she’ll like – as it won’t go unnoticed.

Japanese women are attracted to foreigner men for many reasons, one being the “macho” like attitude or mentality they have, but also their build. Typically, Japanese men are relatively small and can be quite shy and timid. So, it works in your favor to be a bit more outgoing, just make sure you aren’t abrasive.

Which leads us to our next point, often, if a Japanese girl says “Yes” to something, it’s quite possible she really means or feels “No”. Japanese women are very quiet, peaceful people and do not like to hurt people’s feelings or cause a ruckus.

Therefore, it’s important you pay special attention to this and know that more often than not a silence will actually mean yes, rather than the word itself being expressed – patience is key!

Speaking of dates, while it’s true Japanese women are very outgoing, love to meet new people, adventure, and have a good time they are by no means very big on partying.

By this, we mean that they aren’t very “good drinkers”, so keep this in mind while out on a date or hitting the clubs with your Japanese girlfriend or date. She might try drinking to keep up with you, but in reality, she’s only doing it for this reason and more than likely will become sick later on, or uncomfortable – and that’s no fun for anyone.

pretty Japanese girl posing with the cherry blossoms

Japanese women are also naturally classy, so when on your date try to keep your drinks to a minimum, or for the “décor”. If she doesn’t drink or kindly declines your offer don’t take offense, and don’t pressure her.

Because Japanese women are so subtle, typically shy, and often quiet this means that communication can sometimes be difficult. So, while a date cancellation “due to weather” might be legitimate, if she’s taking much longer than usual to reply to your messages over the course of days or more, simply stops replying, or appears to be becoming distant, this is probably a good sign to move on. Overall, Japanese women are very sweet, kind, respectful, and honest, though this does not take away from the reality that just likes anywhere else, they aren’t perfect.

Some Japanese women may very well only be looking for fun, or simply have a change of heart later on – whether it’s because of your personality or being a foreigner. Sometimes, Asian women (especially Japanese) will only date a foreigner as a form of “vanity”, to show off to her friends or loved ones.

Keeping this in mind, Japanese women are wonderful to date, are very close with their families, respectful, and overall relatively conservative. They can be lots of fun, love to smile, and always enjoy an adventure. Japanese women are very cute, bright, and often educated which will make for great conversation.

You’ll also find, once warmed up to you, that Japanese women are very insightful, and absolutely have an opinion of their own which – in time – they will be happy to regularly share with you.