Guide to Dating and Marrying Japanese Women


Japanese brides are some of the most desirable women in the world for foreign men, as they are naturally elegant, classy, educated, witty, and have absolutely adorable personalities.

While dating online has its benefits, given today’s technology and modern society, traveling (of course number one) to Japan, and using the local community to your advantage to make friends and meet new people or prospective women is a great place to start.

How to Meet Japanese Women

While some Dating Apps can be helpful, much like dating websites they have their share of problems, misleading encounters, false stories, or otherwise poorly matched women.

This is not to say that they don’t work, but rather, that you may very well be better off logging into a (free) chatroom or using a social networking site like Facebook to your advantage, to meet genuine, interesting, and single Japanese women.

A lot of foreign men have reported great success by attending not only local Japanese classes but, of course also being able to apply those skills and Japanese phrases later on – even in somewhere as casual as a café. You never know who is listening or interest you might spark, so, just get out there, and give it your best!

Another great option is to join in community clubs or activities, ideally when visiting Japan. Although, this is not to say that you should limit yourself from any Japanese cultural events, celebrations, or other gatherings local to you – if they exist in your home country. And, luckily, celebrations, gatherings, and other events are quite common in Japan, so the odds are in your favor.


Just keep in mind, Japanese communities and Japan in general will appear to be made up of very close-knit communities – and such an observation would be correct. So, be mindful of how you present yourself, and act at all times – no matter who you’re with, or where you’re going.

Word can get around fast, and the last thing you want is to do is give yourself a bad reputation – especially for something small or foolish that could have otherwise been prevented.

Remember, take your time, don’t be abrasive, be respectful, and do your due diligence in research before traveling to Japan and trying to mingle with Japanese women.


Dating Basics: What You Should Know

Generally speaking, there are at least two major terms you should familiarize yourself with when dating Japanese women. The first one, being “Gokon” – or blind date – which basically refers to the process of blind dating among friends, or trusted friends of friends.

This act, traditional to Japanese culture, is also a great to expand your current social network, and make more friends of the opposite sex. And if you think about it, given your preference of friends, it’s not exactly farfetched to think that their friends may very well meet your tastes and needs for a partner.

The next must know the term, and these definitely go in tangent with one another, is “kokohaku”. Which, more or less, means that you are interested in – or love – the person you are saying it to. This is also a great term of endearment to use to flirt with Japanese women if you’re interested – just make sure you look up or ask a friend of the proper pronunciation before using it.

Interestingly enough, a major talking point among Japanese women about foreigners is that, unlike most Japanese men, they express their feelings – which is a huge plus. So, don’t be afraid to express your emotions, show your interests, passion, love, and pleasure in the things you do or say in life.

Also, while it’s true a Japanese woman will only “court” to marry a strong man both physically and mentally, it doesn’t mean she wants you to be ‘hardened’ towards her or not communicate – which leads us to our next point.

Like in any relationship, don’t ever underestimate the power and influence of consistent, positive communication. When dating to marry a Japanese woman, this cannot be emphasized enough.

And, to help you along the way, another great tip is that using physical gestures and animated expressions can help you tremendously to be happy with the Japanese woman of your dreams. Just be respectful, loving, sincere, and genuine – and you should be just fine.

Good Personalities and Those to Avoid

When it comes to dating Japanese – a common Asian trend – they are not only very animated, but, also cute and like to be treated as such. In other words, you’ll be expected to and need to treat them as “cute”, sweet, kind, and make sure to smile a lot and have fun whenever you’re together.

If you’re serious about dating, and one day marrying a Japanese woman it is critical that you have the patience, love, understanding, and willingness to “coddle” them in this sense, and hopefully share interests with them – may it be Anime, movies, or cartoons alike.

Also, if all goes well your Japanese girlfriend is likely to give you a nickname – which is a great sign – and would likely enjoy one from you in return, so be prepared. Because Japanese women are so tiny, cute, educated, and smart, they know this, and enjoy being taken care of.

Often, this could also include being carried around sometimes, and treated with a certain level of patience and energy that you’ll either master or take a very long time to learn. So, just do your best, and know that this is one of many reasons that going to the actual country to meet a Japanese woman is the best route when courting Japanese women.

As for types to avoid, while a “flakey” personality is to be expected to an extent when dating Japanese women, it will also depend on not only their level of maturity, but also relationship experience – and what they believe is normal or to be expected. So, while it’s true that many Japanese women play hard to get, or other cute little games, in the end, which type of Japanese woman you decide to date or marry is likely a very good reflection of you.

Also, when possible, always avoid suspiciously behaving women, ones that seem to be too good to be true – as a rule of thumb – and any Japanese woman that is passive aggressive with you.

Most importantly, try not to stereotype or assume, so, travel to Japan if and when you can, and experience it for yourself.

Finally, avoiding any Japanese women with alcohol problems will likely behoove you – unless that’s the kind of woman you want. And, as you’ll eventually learn about Japan, mental health care, treatment, and knowledge – in general – is underrated and unaffordable at best.

Beginning Your Journey: Understanding the Culture

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of benefits to studying or taking a few classes in Japanese once you arrive, but there’s also no excuse for not pursuing it ahead of time either. For example, there are plenty of free videos and websites online you could use to practice, and more than likely a Japanese woman or two happy enough to help you study online if you know where to look.

Japanese women are not big drinkers, and in turn are not very fond of a man that drinks too much. In other words, carry yourself with class, and if you’re a party guy, then chances are you’ll attract party girls.


While it is true that Japanese women have a reputation for being tardy, it’s also true that they are afraid of saying no, and that silence usually means yes, while “yes” actually means “no” – we know, confusing, but you’ll get there!

Don’t be afraid to flirt or show interest in a Japanese woman, especially in public, just be respectful, responsible, and again keep it classy. Don’t treat her in any way you wouldn’t want to be treated, don’t embarrass her, and don’t be overbearing.

It’s also worth mentioning that in many Japanese marriages the woman controls all the finances and budget, regardless of who the “breadwinner” is. This, in addition to other cultural norms you might find unusual should be discussed before settling into a serious relationship.

So, set your limits, expectations, and express to your Japanese lover what it is you seek or want out of a relationship and one-day marriage. Finally, try to avoid American sarcasm, or sarcasm otherwise local to you and your country – as chances are she might not understand, and could make things awkward. When in doubt, keep your options open, and put your best foot forward..