Best Places to Meet Women in Japan

Tokyo, Japan has one of the largest populations in the entire world! Because of this, it’s no wonder that beautiful, single, Japanese women are very plentiful. Navigating such a huge city can be very intimidating, but by understanding each neighborhood and the rules of the game, meeting a beautiful single Japanese woman can be made easier than ever!

Exploring Tokyo


Not only understanding, but exploring, Tokyo, Japan can seem like a daunting task. With its bar-filled streets, dance clubs, and café’s it’s no wonder that this is one of the hottest nightlife scene locations and prominent places to meet young, beautiful, single Japanese women.

Since this area is so popular for foreigners, many single young Japanese women romp around here looking to find their ‘one true love’. May it be during the day, through their endless café’s and beautiful cuisine restaurants, or their bar scene at night, Tokyo has a little something to offer everyone!

For daytime adventurers there’s plenty of cinemas open to the public, beautiful parks to enjoy and meet new beautiful Japanese women and friends, and even a few Starbucks throughout the area! It’s not a bad idea to frequent American-known food chain stores, restaurants, or café’s since these are popular in Japan, and typically, the single, Japanese women inside of them will speak good English and be interested in foreigner men and culture.

From its famous features on movies like Tokyo Drift you can expect to meet many new cool, adventure-seeking young, single Japanese women throughout Tokyo! Although it’s extremely crowded, it’s worth adventuring around at least for a few days to get a better grasp of the culture, the norms, and the differences between such a big city as Tokyo and its neighboring cities or neighborhoods.

Making sense of Shibuya

Shibuya is a beautiful, well-developed neighborhood within Tokyo, and is full of millions of people commuting in and out by the hour. Known as the ‘fashion capital’ of Japan, it’s full of high-class clothing stores, restaurants, and clubs. The Japanese women here are all dressed to impress, very sophisticated, adventurous, and love enjoying the local nightlife, cinemas, and cafes!

The malls here are always jam-packed and are also a perfect opportunity to meet new friends and beautiful, single, Japanese women! So if you have an expensive taste, you may very well find the best clothing outlets, jewelry stores, and other fashion outlets or restaurants in the neighborhood of Shibuya! Beware of “happening bars” and do your research before making a decision to go inside of such an establishment, at your own risk.

On a brighter note, Shibuya is known for its younger population, averaging at 25 or under, which is awesome for finding young, beautiful, and single Japanese women! Don’t forget, Video Karaoke is very popular in Japanese culture, so be sure to check out some of these bars and discos to meet fun, adventurous, single Japanese women!

Getting down in Roppongi!


If you’re wanting to party until the sun comes up—and then some—then visiting Roppongi is the place to go! From the outdoor festivals, nightclubs, bar-scenes, and awesome Sushi restaurants. this is a primal place to meet fun, young, adventurous Japanese women!

The streets here tend to be full of foreigners, so if that’s not what you’re seeking consider the aforementioned locations or some of the smaller cities or neighborhoods throughout Tokyo—which again, is huge! There are a chain of English based Pubs sprawled throughout Japan called The Hub. This is an awesome place to meet and mingle with other foreigners, as well as single, young Japanese women looking for a fun time!

Even cooler, Roppongi often has international parties so this is another awesome way to meet beautiful and single Japanese women, as well as women from other Japanese cities and Asian countries! Remember, it can be as simple as asking for directions when navigating through Roppongi that could lead you to your first encounter with the Japanese woman of your dreams!

So be fun, enjoy yourself, don’t be afraid to let loose, and adventure around a little bit! Feria by the way is an awesome recommendation for a first bar to nightclub experience as it’s frequented by many international students and well-educated single Japanese women looking for a good time!

Expanding your horizons

If you’re getting worn down from the party scene, want to take a break, or need a change in scenery, then consider checking out the neighborhoods Shinjuku, Ginza, or Kabukichob! These are all great areas not only for a hot night-life, but also many locals live in these neighborhoods and may have smaller, local restaurants, bars, and video karaoke to enjoy, sit back, and meet new friends and beautiful single women at!

In addition to this, there’s a few nice book-stores and Starbucks for those seeking the more intellectual, ‘bookworm’ like Japanese loves of their life.

Remember when visiting Tokyo, Japan that it’s obviously a huge place! Because of such, try to avoid trouble, protect your belongings, no need to go around flashing wads of money, or fancy jewelry down dark alleyways. Always try to keep a copy of your passport with you, and bring a cheap phone along with you to connect yourself with some beautiful Japanese women without the risk of losing your more expensive or primary cell-phone!

Most of all, enjoy yourself, and don’t stay up too late!

Why Men Love Japanese Women

cute japanese asian girl under a treeAll across the globe there are desirable women of every color and creed, that are willing to share a fun, or even intimate date with members of the opposite sex, which might not come to anything, but could in the right circumstances, lead to a blossoming friendship and even a life partner.

Now that is an ultimate scenario; before then of course, comes the exciting part of seeking out somebody who ticks all your boxes. Most men will initially have an idea in their minds of their ideal companion, although in numerous cases these early thought processes are abandoned once a relationship begins.

Some people seem to retain a belief that their potential girlfriend should originate from a specific part of the world, with Asian girls featuring prominently in the opinions of many. This is substantiated by the huge numbers who fall for the charms of ladies from Japan, but that begs the question of why men love Japanese women so much?

The answer to that is of course, subjective. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it is difficult to pin point individual preferences; but it is fair to say that foreign men do seem to have a fascination for the Japanese girls.

Some are possibly attracted by the traditional traits of the Japanese women, which can be seen as subservience within the cultural society, and as a consequence, very appealing.

Naturally, the exotic appearance is a major factor too. Their sultry looks can be bewitching, with their wonderful skin tones, fabulous figures, facial structure – especially the captivating eyes, all creating a package that to many is irresistible. Personality wise, they are renowned for a bubbly, friendly persona, which again is a characteristic that many men seek in a woman.

sexy japanese girl with cotton bra underwearCompared with women from many other countries, the US included, the Japanese seem to take more pride in their appearance. They always seem to be able to look stunning, taking that little extra time to present themselves in an eye-catching manner.

Rarely will you see a shabbily dressed woman, and certainly not for a date. Rudeness is frowned upon in Japan, so there is always the guarantee of courtesy, and good manners.

The Japanese are also hard working, which again is attractive in its own way. Education is a high priority in the country, so a high proportion of the women are intellectually bright, ensuring intelligent conversation, although to some men this sometimes is a disadvantage, as it can show up certain individual failings in themselves.

The good thing is that because the Japanese women are not always treated in an ideal way by their own men, they gladly accept dates with foreigners. Their charm, wit and sex appeal often comes flooding out, when they are shown a little more affection and respect.

These are just some of the many reasons as to why men love Japanese women. That is not to say that females from other countries do not possess similar attributes, but it does possibly partly explain why they continue to draw excessive attention from overseas.

Japan Cupid Review – Can You Find a Japanese Girlfriend On Japan Cupid?

 Are you sick and tired of going out to the bars and clubs looking for love and coming home disappointed and depressed?  Then, perhaps, internet dating is for you.  Japanese women are gorgeous, exotic and intelligent.  What more can a man ask for?  If you are looking for a lover with whom you can really connect then may be the answer you have been looking for.

Introduction: is a member of a well-respected and well-known family of dating sites ? The Cupid Media Network.    It is a user-friendly and well-maintained site.  You can be assured that your information is safe and secure with this site.  The greatest part is that it is free to start out with a standard membership which grants you the ability to start meeting new people immediately and without paying a cent.


Free Standard Membership

Mobile app allows you to access the site from your phone

Thousands of members


super hot japanese womanThis site is an easy way to meet a Japanese woman that meets the criteria that you are looking for.  You can browse profiles and find a lady who is both physically attractive and has a personality and values that you find attractive.

But be aware that if you join JapanCupid you will only be able to browse profiles of women from Japan – if you are looking for women from other parts of Asia you will probably be better off joining one of the many other sites that offer Asian women for marriage from all parts of Asia.

A free standard membership allows you to try out the site with zero risk.  If you decide to upgrade then you can do so easily but there is no obligation.

You do not have to enter credit card or any other important identifying information until and if you decide you would like to.  Internet dating, in general, is on the rise and it is easy to understand why.

Traditional dating is exhausting, sometimes disappointing and often expensive.  Why bother kissing (and possibly buying dinner for) so many frogs?  Just log on to a website and find someone you are excited to get to know.  You don?t have to be looking for marriage or even a girlfriend.  You may just want a friend or a pen pal and that is fine too.

Flirting, chatting and getting to know multiple women at once is easy and, because you are not ?officially? dating, you do not have to feel guilty about getting to know more than one single at a time.  If you know you are interested in a specific culture, physical look or type of lady then getting online (or logging onto the Smartphone app) is the way to go.  Since you do not have to pay, you really have nothing to lose.


Internet dating, in general, has some downsides.  You can get to know someone and then be disappointed when it is difficult or impossible to meet in person.  Arranging to meet may become expensive, as well.  Also, you must be very careful with your identifying information such as your phone number, address or credit card information.  You should never give anyone your information until you are sure of with whom you are speaking and you are comfortable in the relationship.

Another con to dating a Japanese woman (if you are not a Japanese man, of course) can be cultural differences which can lead to conflict.  You must never assume that they feel or think the same way about important issues because they have been raised to believe and think things that are quite possibly very different than your experiences.  For instance, your views on marriage, career or childbearing may be very different because of your different and unique cultures.

The most important thing is to inform yourself about whom you are chatting with and getting to know.  No one wants to fall in love only to learn that their expectations, beliefs or views will make it impossible to maintain a healthy and happy relationship long-term.  Maturity, caution and common sense are key when meeting and dating new people online.


All in all, if you are mature and responsible you have nothing to lose by joining this site and giving it a shot.  It is certainly great to know what you want and be ready to go out and get it.  If you are interested in Japanese women for either their physical appearance or their intelligence and reputations for being such wonderful girlfriends, wives, partners and mothers you should never feel badly to be specific about meeting one.

If you live in an area of the world or a neighborhood where there are not many Japanese ladies to meet then internet dating is the way to go. has downsides but no more (and probably less) than any other dating site.  You are not going to run into lots of ?dead? or outdated profiles.  If you contact someone they will more than likely respond.  PLUS:  It?s free to give it a try.  What have you got to lose, really?  Give it a shot.  A lovely Japanese single may be waiting for you.

Japanese Mail Order Brides and American Men

american and japanese coupleThere are a lot of American men looking for someone to share their lives with, men who would love to marry, settle down and enjoy family life.

Dating can be a minefield and finding the right woman very much depends on your approach to life.

If you are not afraid of looking further afield then you could find your ideal partner, many foreign women have been raised to believe that their husband and family come first and those old fashioned values certainly appeal to plenty of men.

Take time to browse the Internet and you will come across numerous stories from those who have dated Japanese women. Read some stories from American men who have had success with Japanese brides.

seductive japan woman in violetThe Japanese women are extremely beautiful and they embrace femininity. These pretty young women adore American men; they feel that the average American man is strong and sexual. In short Japanese women find American men irresistible and they long to communicate with them.

American men can make contact with beautiful Japanese women by using live chat, emailing, sending letters or making phone calls and who knows what may come next.

More and more American males are making the most of international dating and these amazing Asian beauties wait for their dream man to get in touch.

Japanese women are pure and traditional and they love to please their man. Read some of the online stories and find out about men who have had success with Japanese brides.  The Asian angels have warm hearts and they sincerely enjoy meeting American men.

japan girl in pink bikiniWomen from the Orient are unique, they love to give and there are hundreds of ladies with Eastern promise who are waiting for you to make contact.

More and more American men are ready to embrace international dating and many want to read about those who have had success with Japanese brides.

Come and find your Japanese match, there are hundreds to choose from, take a look at some of the online profiles and get to know some of the Japanese beauties a little better.

Our Japanese ladies are full of soul and they love to open their hearts. If you are looking for a friendship that could lead to lasting romance then join now and start meeting up with single Japanese ladies who are looking for the same. Who knows, you could just meet the love of your life.


Most Beautiful Japanese Women


Japanese Brides – Success Story

Japanese-bride-in-redJapan is one of the most exciting and exotic destinations in the world, and one of the most appealing aspects of the island nation is the beauty of the country’s women.

Just about every country claims that their women are the most beautiful in the world, although just about any man will tell you that Japanese girls really are attractive, and it is the dream of many American men to date a Japanese girl, perhaps to marry one.

So what exactly is it about Japanese women? They are without question exotic, beautiful and sexy, with their attractive eyes and often sleek, jet black hair. They also tend to go to great lengths to keep in shape; very few of these girls are overweight.

They also know how to dress well and look their best, and they always make sure that they look good for their man. Of course, that rather attractive and lilting accent also has a lot of appeal as well.

They also manage to combine the best of both worlds, in that they are independent and often career oriented; at the same time they go to great lengths to please their husband or boyfriend and ensure that he is happy.

In fact, most Asian women place a great deal of importance on their relationships and strive to keep their marriage as healthy as possible. Most of them are also naturally excellent homemakers, and pride themselves on being organized, cooking a decent meal, ensuring that clothes are always clean and pressed and generally keeping a clean and tidy home.

cute girl from japanIt has become increasingly acceptable for Japanese women to date men from other countries, and to marry them; they do not need to have the permission of their family.

It is also easy to meet Japanese singles online, as many women from the country are anxious to meet American men, with a view to a serious relationship or perhaps settling down in the United States.

Browsing Japanese singles online and dating a Japanese woman is more than just dating, it is a rich and enjoyable cultural experience and a chance for you to immerse yourself in the fascinating culture and traditions of the country.

Once you find a girl who interests you, a trip to Japan might be your obvious next step and the country’s blend of modern high tech gadgetry and ancient customs make it truly one of the world’s great destinations.